Develops, produces and distributes high quality Espresso makers. The skilled division team is technically and commercially able to complete ambitious OEM/ODM projects, about coffee and hot beverages brewing technologies, in every project phase. The customer can trust Frandi to develop a new machine while employing its staff for other activities.

Standard GS1 GDSN – GLN 8051414860003
Company’s Products are published with GS1 GDSN standard


The coffee specialist inside Frandi have developed numerous machine models and technology patents in coffee category, produced and sold over 500.000 coffee makers during their careers, focusing always on quality and reliability: it can be a basic coffee maker for small coffee roasters, or a more sophisticated machine for world-famous brands. This is only possible if a competent OEM / ODM project team has a wide experience to solve technical problems with innovative solutions.

Quality Management ISO9001:2008
Environmental Management ISO14001:2004
National Lavoratory Certification 2010
Witness Testing Facility – Intertek
Witness Testing Facility – CTUV Rheinland/CSA


In 2014, the cooperation with machine producer Zhejiang Kufeer Appliance Co. Ltd. is consolidated with a strategic partnership named FRANDI-KUFEER. The new organisation unites engineering capability of both research & development in Italy and China, to arrive at production to grant high competitiveness for our customers.

Commercialization in Europa
Research & Development Italy

Commercialization in Asia
Research & Development China
Production China